Basic Options and Setup

Hereafter are presented the available options for 3d graphs in mathlayer®.

Specific options for 3d graphs

Options Definition Values Default Values
pitch Defines the rotation of the graph around the y-axis. Any number from PI to -PI. 0.5
yaw Defines the rotation of the graph around the z-axis. Any number from PI/2 to -PI/2. -0.5
markerStroke3d Defines the color of the marker for each group of data points. Any color in Hex, RGB or HSL representation. '#3366cc' (blue)
zAxisFormat Used to input dates as axis labels. 'date'. empty
zAxisName Set a name for each axis. Any name. empty
depth Sets the third dimension of the graph. The other two dimensions are defined by width and height options, as in 2d graphs. Any numerical value. depth: 600
width: 600
height: 546
showCanvas Allows to select whether the canvas will be displayed or not. true or false. true
zoom Sets the zoom with wich the 3d graph will be displayed. Any numerical value from 0.4 to 1. 0.8
o = struct  

% initializing options struct for individual graphs

o.pitch = 1.2 o.yaw = 0 o.markerFill = 'none' o.markerStroke3d = 'gradient' o.depth = 800 o.showCanvas = false o.zoom = 0.8 z = 10*(1:pi/50:10*pi); y = z.*sin(z/10); x = z.*cos(z/10); scatter3(x,y,z,o)

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